Monero Price Changed by 2.31 percent

Fibo Quantum

As at 2019-05-21 average Monero price is 89.66703030 USD, 0.01112996 BTC, 0.34325015 ETH.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Monero.

Monero XMR/PLN on BitBay exchange is 92.82. The trading volume on BitBay is 2746.46.

At the same time Monero XMR/USD on Bitfinex exchange is 89.72. The trading volume on Bitfinex is 616414.00.

Monero XMR/KRW on Bithumb exchange is 88.45. The trading volume on Bithumb is 308824814.00.

Monero XMR/BTC on Bittrex exchange is 89.59. The trading volume on Bittrex is 364837.00.

Monero XMR/BTC on HitBTC exchange is 89.55. The trading volume on HitBTC is 7463674.00.

Monero average change within 24 hour is 2.31 against USD, 0.69 against BTC, -1.04 against ETH. Weekly report: 8.71 against USD, 4.04 against BTC, -14.94 against ETH. Monthly report: 31.52 against USD, -13.65 against BTC, -13.7 against ETH.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 69800718.88623200 USD or 8664.04526364 BTC. At the same time Monero market capitalization is 1523854506 USD or $189149 BTC.