Hamas is now generating unique Bitcoin addresses for their fundraising

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Blockchain analysis firm Elliptic together with leading news agency Reuters have reported a change in the way in which Hamas operates its Bitcoin fundraising strategy.

The Palestinian organization, labelled by the European Union and the United States as a terrorist group and by others as a resistance entity, was already creating headlines back in February with their incursion into crypto.

Chepicap reported how Coinbase and Binance addresses had been used by Hamas, receiving about $2,500 despite an apparent blockage of the accounts.

Now, Reuters is claiming that Hamas has somehow sophisticated their mechanisms for collecting Bitcoin donations, with their website creating new addresses per each transaction, in order to trouble the tagging of the wallets to the donors.

The research shared by Elliptic with the news agency numbers in about $7,400 the total amount raised by Hamas during a campaign which has extended for around 4 months and was introduced with videos explaining step by step how to send out donations priavetely and securely. Elliptic also mentions that 13 of the transactions came from the same Asian exchange.

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