Vonage-Owned NewVoiceMedia Wins Blockchain Patent for Tamper-Proof Communication Security

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Blockchain has been adapted to meet the needs of many different industries, and a cloud service company has been working to adapt the distributed ledger technology to meet their needs as well.

NewVoiceMedia Ltd, a telecommunications firm, had applied to use blockchain technology in their secure communications and recordings. The patent was officially awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, March 12th.

The firm, which is owned by Vonage cloud communications company, is based in Basingstoke, England, and the patent approves them to use blockchain towards the work of “tamper proof interaction recording and time stamping.”

More specifically, this development helps with the secure recording of phone calls and other voice communications, which will be logged on a distributed blockchain network. Optimally, this new system will make it easier to create secure files and provide secure storage and access with the use of authentication for users on the system.

The database approved in the patent allows for either physical or logical means of storage, but the validity of the communication will be performed over an authentication server. Within the filing, the patent explains that the blockchain will be used to publish signatures and time stamps.

To protect the database against “tampering, falsification, or loss due to individual nodes going offline,” the ledger includes distributed database nodes.

IBM, the major tech giant, revealed two patents that they have received this month, which deal with network security and the use of blockchain technology for database management.

AT&T filed for a patent in December, seeking approval to work on a blockchain-based social media history “map.” In the filing, the company described a system with a controller over the transaction history as a way to store data, which could be used for creating and sharing data with virtual networks.