Monfex Exchange Launches GRAM Futures Contract! – Product Release & Updates

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Monfex Exchange, world-leading crypto-derivatives trading platform, has announced that it will be the first crypto trading platform launching a perpetual futures contract on GRAM coin. GRAM coin (the underlying asset) is expected to launch in the summer of 2019 by Telegram.

The GRAM market.

Demand for GRAM coins is expected to grow significantly as TON rolls out its Blockchain ecosystem and the GRAM coin enters its mainstream adoption. GRAM ICO per-token prices rapidly appreciated just 0.37 USD in the first funding round to 1.33 USD by the second round.

What is a futures contract?

As per Investopedia, a futures contract is a legal agreement to buy or sell a particular commodity or asset at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

The GRAM futures contract represents an opportunity for savvy traders, allowing average people the chance to be a part of GRAM.

Mechanics of GRAM Futures Contract at Monfex:

  • GRAM contracts involve two parties – the buyer and the seller, each of whom agrees to settle their obligations under the contract by an exchange of cash. Therefore, at Monfex, GRAM contracts do not settle by delivery of the underlying asset (the GRAM coin itself). Instead, traders agree to make a cash settlement in the future based on the changes in supply and demand for the underlying crypto.
  • Importantly, transactions in GRAM futures contract have the same financial effect as transactions in GRAM coins as spot markets would have. However, transactions in futures contracts are more cost-effective and provide greater possibilities for traders.

Some benefits of the GRAM Futures Contract:

  • You do not have to physically own a GRAM coin (or wait till it’s released) to enter a trade on a futures market. Crypto futures are created in the form of contracts that allow you to speculate in crypto’s price without owning the crypto itself.
  • A GRAM futures contract is a derivative contract whose price is equal to the price of GRAM coin (the underlying asset).
  • There will be a daily settling of gains and losses and a credit guarantee by Monfex exchange.
  • Futures contracts provide the highest liquidity (the highest trading volume), compared to any other crypto market in the world. This leads to ultra-low spreads and fastest execution speed.
  • Monfex will allow trade of GRAM futures contracts with 2x leverage. This means that the required margin to enter a trade is 1/2th of the trade size.
  • GRAM futures contracts provide protection against the counter party risk through the Monfex exchange’s central clearing facility.
  • With GRAM futures contracts you can easily sell short. This single factor is extremely important for active traders.

How do I start?

To begin trading in GRAM Futures Contracts, you’ll need to open a margin account at Monfex. Monfex currently trades 13 coins vs. USD, long and short positions, and use the power of up to 50X leverage. Monfex provides the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the industry.


Before investing please keep in mind the below parameters:

  • You do not have control over future events, hence do very detailed research.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the provider and the offering (particularly expiry dates) and ensure you are comfortable with the same.