Jambler.io Welcomes Its First Bitcoin Mixing Partners

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Privacy is a form of power. The appearance of cryptocurrency resolved a long-standing problem with finance and freedom, making people feel secure and confident. Jambler.io is a platform that defends the right to privacy by making cryptocurrency mixing services available as a business project for common people and by providing a high level of anonymization for transactions.

Jambler.io provides its users with an opportunity to create their own Bitcoin mixer and benefit from cryptocurrency anonymization services with minimal initial investment or without any investment at all. With more people venturing into the world of virtual currency, a mixing service business becomes much-in-demand nowadays. Primarily it is driven by high profitability of such services. That is why many people would like to create such a service and benefit from it. However, this business has a high entry barrier due to a considerable volume of financial resources that is required to provide a mixer with operating assets and a technical expertise that is needed to implement the functionality of a service.

Jambler.io becomes the answer to this problem. Anyone interested in the business of cryptocurrency transaction anonymization can enter into partnership with the platform very quickly and easily, following the instructions on Jambler.io website. Nothing could be more valuable than gaining the trust of customers. The platform already has four partners who have launched their white label mixers and are running successful businesses right away. They are all listed on Mix Coins page of Jambler.io official website.

An important feature of Jambler.io is the absence of direct interaction between Jambler.io and its customers. The platform provides end users with cleansing services through a partner network of bitcoin mixers that allows avoiding a conflict of objectives between the platform and partners.

Use of deep cleansing algorithm involves selling surely clean coins from cryptocurrency stock exchanges to customers, which are not associated with any particular account. As a result of the increasing number of deanonymization methods, it becomes more and more important.

In short, Jambler.io purchases output transactions from cryptocurrency stock exchanges and/or miners verifies their quality by means of a scoring procedure and resells them via partner Bitcoin mixers to end users. The transactions purchased from a hundred unrelated investors are then distributed through a partner network to various end users in random order.

The platform does not store logs, does not require registration and verification and issues digital letters of guarantee as evidence of work with all members.

Thus, the project can be useful for three categories of people: end users, partners, and investors. End users of mixers are provided with perhaps the best cryptocurrency anonymization tool. Partners have an opportunity to create their own Bitcoin mixer and start earning without any significant initial investments. Investors are able to make a short-term investment at 1% with an average turnaround time of 12 hours. This is the basic operation principle of the platform. The main responsibility of Jambler.io is to ensure protection for cryptocurrency owners and their savings and to give people an opportunity to become a part of cryptocurrency world, starting their own business.

Jambler.io believes that privacy is a fundamental human right and to that end has created for its customers a Tor-friendly website: http://jambler2zgfnjykq.onion

To gain a better understanding of basic operation principles of Jambler.io, watch this animated YouTube video:

For more information, please contact Jambler.io team via E-mail: [email protected]

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