Attention EOS Fans, Recognized Exchange Opens up for Traders in Its First Crowd Sale

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Most of the people out there think that blockchain technology is used for trading of cryptocurrencies only. But this idea is entirely wrong. Blockchain technology can be used in various industries. There are some companies that provide multiple services to their consumers with the help of blockchain.

EOSex is one such company. The main reason for the establishment of this company is to provide a platform for smart contracts as well as for the deployment of apps. It is a Hybrid Exchange Platform, and hence it is more secure. The company has provided a platform for its users where both cryptocurrencies and tokenized financial derivatives are traded. is the tech company that works along with the EOSex in order to provide better solutions for the users. is a solution-oriented company that helps the businesses to come onto the blockchain platform. has already produced many software solutions for various businesses and is one of their software solution that aims at secured training, deployment of decentralised apps and to provide storage space to save the documents securely.  

EOSex is now opening up for the traders. They are organising a crowded sale for the product developments on their platform. This is the first crowd sale that has been hosted by EOSex. The company never had a live product until now, and this time they are planning to launch a new product. This is an excellent news for the EOS fans, and they are delighted with the announcement. EOSex is one of the highly reliable blockchain based solutions providers in the market and they have sorted out various problems that the users were facing with the blockchain technology.

The main problems that the cryptocurrency investors are facing include –

  • Low trading volumes- It has become very hard for the new currencies to enter the market and this led to the low trading volume
  • Difficulty to get Listed- There are so many famous exchanges present in the crypto market and getting listed in them is not a cakewalk for the cryptocurrencies. The fees, rules, and regulations, etc there are so many such issues that stop new cryptocurrencies from getting listed in them.
  • Less variants of Digital Assets- Digital assets present in the market as of now are very less. Even though the cryptocurrency industry is spread across the globe, there are very few trading options available on the market.

EOSex have already started providing solutions for the above-mentioned platform. It has been offering are better trading volume, a secured and stable platform where it is effortless to trade, build new apps on the Hybrid Exchange Platform and also to save the most important documents, the liquidity in is higher when compared to the other trading platforms. Any type of order will be transacted in the minimum time with the help of  

The investors trusted the company and had invested in it. Right now the platform is providing an opportunity for all the users to share a project with them as a part of building an ecosystem. If you have any project in your mind, you can directly mail the details to the company. EOSex is one of the emerging innovative companies and it is now opening up for the traders in its first crowd sale.